At 7Ps Energy Solutions we have a friendly, highly trained and certified team of Electricians and Solar Installers that will look after all your Electrical needs.

Who we are

7Ps Energy Solutions is a conglomeration of a number of existing solar entities. It came about as a result of these entities wishing to improve the solar experience, for both residential and commercial customers. The group brings a combined 31 years experience in the solar, electrical and sales industries. Our company specialises in energy efficiency and solar PV systems. We design, install and maintain international quality systems. 7Ps Energy Solutions is a premium service company. We understand the ever increasing electricity prices and strive to combat this with energy efficient systems.

7Ps Energy Solutions know their stuff. Their tradespeople could answer all of my questions and only installed sturdy, quality product. Not only did they custom design my solar setup, they calculated when it will pay itself off! I will recommend them to all of my friends.
— Ana Stefanac

What we offer

We only offer our customers highly efficient solar products that have a proven track record in the solar industry. These are backed with manufacturer’s warranties and our personal company guarantee.

Our products have been sold Australia wide. Their stable operation and excellent performance have been nationally recognised. 7Ps Energy Solutions customise various products to meet different and specific client requests. Our products have been widely used in different fields including electric power, telecommunications, traffic, post service, public security, customs, government and other entities.